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Is There Such a Thing As Cosmic Consciousness?

Cosmic Consciousness: A Review in the Development of the Human Mind by the famous psychiatrist Richard M. Maurice Bucke is a 1903 book by Richard Barrett, wherein the doctor discusses the idea of cosmic consciousness, by which he refers to as "an intellectual consciousness which transcends the normal consciousness of man".

In the book, the doctor analyse the various aspects and characteristics of cosmic consciousness in order to provide a clear insight on its existence and the meaning of its existence. He also describes how cosmic consciousness can be controlled in order to make us aware of its presence.

Cosmic Consciousness

Concept of Cosmic Consciousness

The title of this book is very apt as it has the ability to describe the nature and origin of consciousness. The fact is that the concept of consciousness is not something new. It is a concept that has been present for thousands of years and was a part of the ancient Indian teachings of yoga and meditation.

However, only recently, with the passage of time, consciousness has been identified as a very complicated phenomenon that takes place when there exists a high level of interaction between the brain and mind.

Process of Cosmic Consciousness

It is a fact that the process of cosmic consciousness takes place when an individual's brain experiences a state of hyper-awareness and synchronization with the environment. This will then result in our ability to control our consciousness and its functioning. Cosmic consciousness can have an effect on our behaviour and emotions and can influence our intellectual abilities and even our physical appearance.

How Cosmic Consciousness Affect us Emotionally

Cosmic consciousness is also able to affect our moods, emotional states and our dreams. It is important that the reader understands the fact that the human brain can respond to a specific emotional stimulus and not be able to respond to other stimuli that might be more related to the emotional response.

Cosmic consciousness can occur in both the normal brain and the brain that are damaged. In the case of a normal brain, it can be activated by a particular experience or situation that the brain associates with a positive or negative emotion or feeling. The brain has two types of neurons that are activated by emotional stimulation.

Outcomes of Cosmic Consciousness

When a person has had a traumatic experience or event, the brain's neural activity can change according to this particular experience and it can result in a state of cosmic awareness. When the brain is damaged, however, it can produce the different type of neurons known as delta waves and can therefore remain dormant and without the ability to respond to a specific emotional stimuli or experience. This state will consequently produce a different type of neural response that can manifest in different ways and as we know them. In essence, these different neural responses are responsible for our feelings and emotions and moods.

Effects of Cosmic Consciousness on Thoughts

Cosmic consciousness is also able to affect our thoughts. It can be thought of as a higher level of intelligence and has the ability to create a universe that is beyond the normal consciousness of a human being. The brain is able to interact with our environment and perceive that the external world is not dependent on human beings.

 It is also able to perceive the universe from a different perspective and will perceive events as if they are completely different and independent of anything that is going on around them.

How Subconscious Controls the Brain

It is the brain's subconscious that controls the behaviour and feelings of all individuals. The subconscious will also have the ability to influence and control the subconscious of another person and in turn will have the ability to influence the behaviour of that other person's subconscious. The subconscious will be the deciding factor behind the actions and feelings of a person.

Ways to Create Cosmic Consciousness

It is also possible to create the cosmic consciousness by means of meditation and this is done by using meditation techniques such as chanting, listening to mantras, reading sacred texts, and by exercising certain exercises. It is also possible to create cosmic consciousness by simply focusing the mind waves towards it. It is said that if you are in a place where the only thing that you can focus on is the sun, then you are in the state of cosmic consciousness and will experience the universe as this is.




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