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Advances in Mass Spectrometry Techniques- Mass Spectrometry in Metabolomics Research

Mass spectrometry (MS) is a dynamic field that constantly evolves with new techniques and advancements. In this article, we will explore some of the recent breakthroughs in mass spectrometry that have expanded its capabilities and opened new avenues of research. Types of Mass Spectrometry Ambient Ionization Techniques Traditional mass spectrometry methods require extensive sample preparation and ionization in a vacuum. However, ambient ionization techniques have emerged as powerful alternatives that allow direct analysis of samples in their native environment. Techniques such as desorption electrospray ionization (DESI), direct analysis in real-time (DART), and laser ablation electrospray ionization (LAESI) enable rapid and sensitive analysis of diverse samples, including tissues, living organisms, and surfaces. High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry High-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) has revolutionized the field by providing exceptional mass accuracy and resolving power. Advances in