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Randomization in Animal Research- An Overview

 Randomization is a process of assigning participants to groups in a study in a random way. This is done to ensure that the groups are as similar as possible, and that any differences between the groups are due to chance. Randomization is an important part of many types of research, including animal research. Why randomization is Important?  There are several reasons why randomization is important in animal research ( Animal dose calculator ). First, it helps to ensure that the results of the study are valid. If the groups are not similar, it may be difficult to tell if any differences between the groups are due to the treatment or to other factors. Second, randomization helps to protect the animals in the study. By assigning animals to groups at random, it is less likely that any one animal will receive a treatment that is harmful or ineffective. There are several different ways to randomize animals in a study. One common method is to use a computer to generate random numbers. The num