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Importance Of Environment And Public Health

There is no doubt that an environment is the most important thing for a living organism. It plays a very vital role in the growth of plants, animals, and people. Therefore, it is particularly important to take care of the environment by making use of different eco-friendly techniques. Why We Should Take Care of Environment We should not forget that the environment is responsible for the existence of people and all the things that exist in this world. The people of this world are the only ones who can save the environment. But sometimes people do not have much idea on how to take care of the environment and hence they do not do anything. We should start working on improving the environment as soon as possible. The environment must be the Priority Today, we can find several people who are working towards the cause of reducing the causes of various environmental issues. These people have made the environment a priority in their life. They try to do everything that is possible

Global Awareness Programs Make Learning More Interesting

The term global awareness comes from understanding a group of people, their differences, and the way in which they can be unified. In the classroom, global awareness refers to teaching students about other cultures and countries, their rights and civic responsibilities both locally and internationally. Fundamentals of Global Awareness A fundamental skill to understand, appreciate and interact well with people of other cultures is becoming increasingly essential for academic and social success in a highly interconnected world. Global awareness helps students learn and grow within a larger, more complex, and interconnected community that exists in many different ways. Ways to Develop Global Awareness There are many ways to develop global awareness. Learning through hands-on experiences is a good start, and can help students get to know one another better. Taking a class that features a diversity of people who are not native to the same country or region is also beneficial.

Achieve Your Goals with Astral Projection - Higher Consciousness

The concept of higher consciousness was introduced by a group of psychologists, who were called the Human Potentiality Institute. It is their belief that the human spirit is the one which makes you achieve your full potential. What is Higher Consciousness? Higher spiritual consciousness is the awareness of an omnipresent God or "the higher part of our human mind which is capable of transcendent human emotions". We are all part of this divine consciousness that give you the power to make decisions, achieve goals, and experience joy. The Human Spirit and Consciousness The human spirit is not just like any other thing that you can get from some pills. It is a combination of our mind, body, and spirit that gives you the power to become the best person you can be in the world. This consciousness will help you live a perfect life and achieve your dreams. Why to Maintain the Higher Conscious State? So, it is necessary to maintain your conscious state while you sleep

Social Awareness and Education- How both Correlate?

Social awareness is consciousness shared among people in a community. According to Karl Marx, people enter into economic, or productive, relations with one another through this social consciousness which they acquire through their interaction with other people. People have to consciously develop social awareness in order to become fully productive citizens in the world. What is Social Awareness? The definition of social awareness has undergone a vast change over the centuries. Initially, it was considered that social awareness was simply the awareness of the right of others to speak out or to be heard, the right to be treated as a person rather than just an employee or an object. But that was only a superficial view of social awareness. The essence of social awareness is much deeper. People must realize that they are members of communities and that they share in a common destiny and thus a common consciousness and moral values. How it Develop? To develop social awareness

Learning About Spatial Awareness- A Simplified Explanation

Spatial context awareness refers to the ability of a person to perceive or anticipate the spatial relationships among people, objects, events and places. Spatial context awareness also refers to the ability to use one's eyes, hand, body, etc. Types of Spatial Awareness Spatial awareness is related to three different types of cognition: spatial awareness, spatial orientation, and spatial processing. The first two, spatial orientation and spatial processing, are usually learned through sensory experiences or through formal training. With respect to spatial awareness, however, it has been shown that individuals can learn how to become more aware of spatial relationships through systematic training and practice. Spatial Awareness and Cognitive Ability Spatial awareness is one of the most important types of cognitive ability, especially for those who work with the elderly. People with Alzheimer's disease may have trouble performing basic tasks such as walking and talkin

Why Do We Use Critical Consciousness in Education?

Critical consciousness, conscience, or conscience in Spanish, is an educational and social philosophy developed by Brazilian educational educator and social philosopher Paulo Freire, founded on post-Marxist critical philosophy.  In this philosophy, individual human beings are viewed as active subjects, not passive observers. The subjectivity of the subject, or the individual's capacity to develop and change their own consciousness of the world become central aspects of Freire's theory. Critical Consciousness Freire argues that the subject, or the person, can learn and change, and have a positive impact upon their surroundings, because they are more actively involved in creating their own reality, rather than being passively observed by it. He also suggests that the development of an active, conscious subject is central to the development of an educational system which is able to provide the necessary structure for learning and development. When Critical Consciousnes

Is There Such a Thing As Cosmic Consciousness?

Cosmic Consciousness: A Review in the Development of the Human Mind by the famous psychiatrist Richard M. Maurice Bucke is a 1903 book by Richard Barrett, wherein the doctor discusses the idea of cosmic consciousness, by which he refers to as "an intellectual consciousness which transcends the normal consciousness of man". In the book, the doctor analyse the various aspects and characteristics of cosmic consciousness in order to provide a clear insight on its existence and the meaning of its existence. He also describes how cosmic consciousness can be controlled in order to make us aware of its presence. Concept of Cosmic Consciousness The title of this book is very apt as it has the ability to describe the nature and origin of consciousness. The fact is that the concept of consciousness is not something new. It is a concept that has been present for thousands of years and was a part of the ancient Indian teachings of yoga and meditation. However, only recently, wit

Alcohol Awareness- Ways to Help Stop Alcoholism

Today, alcohol awareness is more valuable today than ever before because in these days of instability and uncertainty, life is being put on hold and people cannot go to bars and restaurants for fun. This is a time to educate yourself about alcohol issues so you can protect your loved ones from having problems that can lead to death or serious injury. Health Risk- Alcoholism There are many different alcoholic drinks, and each has its own unique health risks. For example, there are many reasons why one might drink, and if you know your loved ones' history with alcohol consumption, you can make sure they don't drink when they should. There are also some ways that you can help them reduce their drinking or stop using altogether. It's good news for parents to learn this. Because so many children have been abused, alcoholism has become a problem. You might not realize it at the time, but you may be the cause of your child's addiction. If you think that your child is