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English Poems on Rain : 5 Great English Poems

English Poems on Rain: The best time to be alive is when it's raining. The air is fresh and clean, the sky is dark and moody, and everything feels new again. It's a time to reflect on life and all that we've been through. Rain reminds us of the good times and the bad, but it also reminds us that there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

English Poems on Rain
Photo by Vlad Chețan:

English Poem on Rain #1  

The rain pours hard against the window panes 

and I can hear it beat a frantic rhythm against the roof. 

The thunder rolls and lightening flashes 

and I am pulled into their dance. 

The rain is like a million tiny drums 

 hammering out a pulsing beat 

 that fills me up and carries me away. 

I am lost in the music of the storm 

 and for a little while I am free.

English Poem on Rain #2 

Another day brings more rain

Pouring down on the window panes

 tapping on the glass

 like a mother wanting in 

Slipping through the cracks 

Drenching everything it touches

A fresh start for flowers 

And hope for new beginnings

English Poem on Rain #3

When the rain is falling,

and the thunder is sound,

I know that you are with me,

and the world is right.

In the stormy weather,

you are my light and guide,

 leading me through the dark night,

 keeping me safe and warm.

Your love is like the rain,

Refreshing and pure,

Washing away all my fears,

And giving me hope.

English Poem on Rain #4

Rain patters gently on the window panes 

And lulls me into a dreamy state 

Thoughts of you come to my mind 

As I lie here in bed 

Your smile, your touch, your scent 

Everything about you fills me with delight 

I can't wait for the next time 

That I can be with you in the rain

English Poem on Rain #4

The love I have is as heavy as the rain

It comes down on me hard, like a summer storm

It soaks me to the bone and washes away my pain

I've tried to hide from it, but I can't run 

It always finds me, no matter where I am

And when it's done, I'm left feeling whole again

Rain may mess up my hair and ruin my clothes

But I don't care, because I know that with rain comes love

English Poem on Rain #5

In the rain, I feel your love

I see your face in every drop

I hear your voice in the thunder

I feel your touch in the lightning

I taste your kiss in the raindrops

I smell your scent in the wet air

In the rain, I feel you everywhere


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