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5 Important Uses of Forest Ecosystems-How to Save Forests Through Reforestation-

How to Save Forests (Uses of Forest)- It is easy for people in the Western part of the world to look down their noses at anyone who wants to save forests. After all, most of these countries have been using their vast natural resources (wood, peat, etc) in massive amounts, cutting it down, and using it in everything from housing to road building to farming, just to name a few. And it doesn't seem like things are going to change any time soon. In fact, they might even get worse if something doesn't change.

Uses of Forest

Why to Preserve Forest?

The sad truth, however, is that there is a solution to this problem, and that is by preserving forests that are already in use. The key, of course, is education. One has to take into consideration that the majority of people living in developed countries are completely ignorant of the fact that many forested areas around the world are being destroyed each and every day. If only these people would take a little time out and educate themselves on the issue, they would learn how to save forest habitats for future generations... and they wouldn't have to be reminded of this sad fact throughout their lives.

How to Save Forest?

The main reason why people destroy forests and have to start asking "how to save forests" is because they are ignorant of the actual causes of deforestation. In addition to simply cutting down trees, another primary cause of deforestation is clear cutting, where farmers simply chop down trees to plant crops in. This practice not only damages the environment badly, but also the people involved. Farmers often use illegal methods to get rid of the trees, such as felling them with tractors or cutting them at an angle so that the central core cannot be seen.

While some people may choose to "save the forest" in this way, this is certainly not the best solution. The root problems still remain, such as habitat loss, conflict over resources, and so on. The best solutions are by reforestation. Just like planting trees, planting grass will help to restore balance in the ecosystems.

Reduce Carbon Emission

How to save forests and reduce carbon emissions therefore depends on two key factors: protecting existing forests, and encouraging sustainable land use. Both of these actions are essential to save forests because of the massive amounts of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere due to deforestation. The most important factor, however, is land use. A reduction in agricultural land use can drastically reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Conversions to Crops

One way to protect existing forests is by ensuring that current forests and other ecosystems are conserved. An ideal strategy is to ensure that a certain density of canopy cover is maintained in order to reduce the risk of conversion to crops. However, the exact numbers and types of crops needed depending on specific ecological conditions, soil type, and other variables. One way to ensure that crop production is not negatively affected is by ensuring that adequate animal sources of food are provided. By creating buffer zones around crops, farmers ensure that carbon emissions are kept to a minimum.


As well as ensuring a stable biodiversity balance, another important role of governments and businesses is to sustain the health and productivity of the ecosystems. This can be achieved through various strategies. A well-thought out strategy will involve the planting of trees, ensuring adequate levels of canopy cover and ensuring that appropriate animal sources of food are provided. A successful ecosystem will also need to provide clean, fresh drinking water to residents of the community. A reforestation strategy that takes all of these disparate elements into consideration will ensure the long term survival of the local eco-system and its inhabitants.


Reforestation plays an important role in how to save forests. It can prevent loss of the existing forests and it can also prevent the loss of the natural forests that may become accessible through future discoveries of new species of trees. However, it is vital that governments take the lead in protecting the forests. Unless action is taken, the ability of these beautiful creations to provide food, fuel, and shelter will be gone forever.

5 Important Uses of Forest Ecosystems

The uses of the forest are immense, which go way beyond any simple list. Forests cover almost 30 per cent of the land surface worldwide and they are extremely useful to mankind as the economy & society depend largely on them. Mass population growth, urbanization & advancements caused by industrialization & modernization resulted in very high levels of deforestation which lead to a considerable loss of mature forest lands. Hence, the major areas where extensive use of timber resources has been seen are:


Out of all the forest ecosystems, wildlife is one of the most widely used by humans. It has been observed that most of the forest landscapes are closely associated with human habitation. It is an excellent source of food & fuel, clothing, building materials, medicines, and a variety of other uses. Moreover, there are several species of large animals like deer, elk, wild boars, jungle cats, migratory birds, and many more to name a few.


Forests act as the natural systems on which the eco-system depends, reproduce, and survive. It is considered one of the most important parts of nature, because it helps in the natural regeneration process. Different types of animals and plants use the natural resources of the forests in order to sustain themselves, grow, and thrive. These ecological systems form the base of all the human life on earth.


Sequestration of forest areas also leads to erosion of the fertile soils. It can lead to flooding of farms and construction of townships, dwellings, airports, tunnels, pipelines, etc. Sequestration is the process of draining, removing, and dumping of all sorts of wastes on the environment including water (Water pollution Essay), chemicals, solid waste, and vegetation-related waste such as leaves, grass, etc. This can happen due to a variety of reasons such as changing climate conditions, cutting down of trees, soil erosion, and others. Furthermore, construction, mining, and agricultural activities also contribute to soil erosion.

Air Pollution

deforestation can result in air pollution (Environmental Pollution Essay) that can affect the atmosphere, ground water quality, and the health of people living nearby. There are various uses of forests in providing us with the clean and healthy air we breathe and that contributes in preventing global warming. Trees act as filters by taking in air and filtering it by storing carbon dioxide and other gasses.

Food Chain

A healthy natural forest ecosystem plays a major role in the food chain of an area. It can determine how healthy or unhealthily the animal population is. The animals living in the ecosystem help regulate the climate of the area and the productivity of the soil. Large-scale changes in the food chain can directly affect humans by affecting their health and prosperity. As such, the well-being of humans, the wildlife population, and the ecosystems should be of paramount importance to all.


The forest ecosystem allows for the free exchange of oxygen between different organisms. This exchange of oxygen keeps the Earth's environment clean and oxygenated. Without oxygen, there would be no life in the soil or air, and the consequences would be fatal for all. Animals that exist in the forest ecosystem to provide the necessary service of recycling dead organic matter to provide food and fuel. These animals help keep the soils and air around them healthy and usable for human use.


In summary, forest ecosystems serve many useful purposes in North America. Not only do they provide humans and animals with food, oxygen, and a healthy environment, they have tremendous value as a habitat for wildlife. They help stabilize the climate, prevent erosion, control pollution, and provide a habitat for many types of animals. This serves as a fundamental value of forest ecosystems. 

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