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How Saving a Tree Can Save Life? Save Tree, Save Life!

Save Tree, Save Life, this slogan was introduced for the betterment of life because the tree is directly connected to our lives. Saving a tree from destruction is one of the biggest threats to living things and our very planet.

Trees provide a protective buffer against us, by absorbing large amounts of pollution from the air and storing it deep within their bark or trunk. But what if your tree was dying?


Save Tree  Save Life

 Save Tree, Save Life

It's actually happening in many parts of America. Many people simply do not realize how many trees are lost each year. They continue to live, growing slowly, or even disappearing entirely from city lawns and residential neighborhoods.

Trees do not lose their lives in vain. They offer many benefits to humanity. They restore the environment by recycling soil. Trees provide clean water and nutrients for crops and for people to drink.

How Trees Save Life?

  • They are part of a vast web of life that makes up our "ecosystem". A healthy forest means the whole world is a forest. Trees can help to shape and sustain a healthy rainforest.
  • Trees clean our air. They produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and remove nitrogen from the air. Pollution can even affect the way a tree grows, its resistance to diseases, and its ability to stop diseases from spreading.
  • Trees provide us with oxygen, which is the basis of all life. Without trees, life would die without oxygen, and our bodies would suffocate.
  • Trees make drinking water and soil from the sun. They protect us from dangerous chemicals that we use to cook, and from natural predators such as mosquitoes and frogs.
  • They allow water to flow naturally in the landscape, and they maintain the habitat of wildlife.
  • To save a tree from destruction, it needs to be cared for and to be planted in the right place.
  • Depending on the age of the tree, it may need some help in taking care of it, but there are places where it can be grown and protected from direct sun and rain, and allowed to thrive.

How We Can Save Trees?

One of the most common places for saving a tree is the wild. This is especially important in areas of the country that experience a lot of severe drought. Water from the river or lake, and the soil that would otherwise be sucked dry from a lawn or forest, is good for creating a living habitat for wildlife.

Saving a tree is not as simple as cutting it down and taking it away. The tree needs to be "nurtured", with soil and other things to take care of it. This means a trained professional can help.


You can help, too, by educating yourself about the lives and habitats of trees, the importance of protecting them, and the fact that they are also, like you, a part of the ecological system. It may seem like a small change, but when you consider the potential impact a tree can have on the planet, it is a big one.

Saving a tree does not mean just that the tree will be cut down and thrown into a fire pit or burned for no reason. It means that the tree is going to be able to continue to provide life and living habitat for many other living things. And these plants and animals will be contributing to the ecology of this planet.



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