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How to Increase Sales by New Product Introduction (NPI)- Important Tips

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Effective use of a new product introduction is key to selling more and increasing your profit margins. Though new products generally do not fit into any existing market niche, they can still provide a tremendous sales opportunity.

One of the first things you should consider when introducing a new product is, which niche it will be most appropriate for.

As mentioned, a new product can provide an excellent sales opportunity but typically does not fit into any existing market niche.

So you must first determine whether this product would sell well in a given industry or product category. A good example of this is a new health and fitness product.

New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction has a very positive impact on the return of sales of your product. It increases your selling price and shows the prospects that you are dedicated to producing quality products. The more you sell the more you will get paid for selling the product.

What does the new product introduction mean? It means that you are starting a new product line and making a new product more appealing to the consumers.

You are putting your best foot forward. With a new product introduction, you are showing the consumers that you are serious about producing high quality products.

The Advantages of the New Product Introduction

The advantages of the new product introduction is simple. You are testing the market for the new product and you are determining if it is successful or not. The more successful the new product is the higher you can sell the product.

Let us look at what you can do with a new product introduction. You have one new product to sell, whether it is a new perfume or a new contact lens in order to maximize the return of your product.

When you introduce a new product you increase the price of your product by 100% of the retail price. Now when you make your sale, the salesperson does not need to pitch your product any further. The more you sell the more money you will be paid.

You can then have someone else provide the presentation for the new product. You can get this person to try the product before they walk up to you.

Once the new product is introduced, it is very important that you ask your prospects to buy it from you. Once you have persuaded them to purchase the product, they will want to return to you because they know you have created quality products.

Concept of New Product Introduction

You have two new products and one new fragrance that you have introduced into the market, why not introduce the contact lenses into the market next? This is an excellent way to market yourself and create a new customer base.

New Product Introduction should be a necessary part of the marketing strategy of your company. The more you launch new products the more success you will get. It is very important that you do not slack and have a plan for new product launches.

What is the worst that can happen if you do not introduce a new product? You run the risk of losing out on potential customers because they cannot find your product.

Using a new product launch will increase your sales over the old way of marketing your company's products. In many cases, the new product launch is a better marketing tool because it is more relevant. All new products are created based on market research, studies, and surveys.


There are many factors that go into market research and deciding what new product is the best for your company. It is imperative that you hire a market research company to perform this research for you. If you get the right market research, you will create products that will make you money.


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