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The Importance of Motivation in Management

Most managers believe that the importance of motivation in management is not being applied to their teams or their employees. The truth of the matter is, the use of motivation can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of any group or department. We are going to discuss the importance of motivation in management, and what you can do to improve your team or business.
The Importance of Motivation in Management
The Importance of Motivation in Management 

Why Motivation is Needed in Management 

It is important to remember that the title "manager" is not an indication of organizational responsibility. Even with very highly qualified managers, the amount of responsibility they hold is often underestimated. By becoming more familiar with the values and motivations that the workforce has, we can realize the importance of motivation in management.

There is a significant element of relationships that must be understood if any organization is to succeed. How successful we are as managers are directly related to how well the relationships between our team members play a role in the success of our organization. At the heart of every good relationship is a commitment to each other and our goals, which are exactly what a manager must embody.

Importance of Motivation 

Communication is the most important reason why employees should have a sense of ownership of the outcome of the organization. Employee motivation will not make a huge difference in performance unless they know that they are truly contributing to the success of the organization. If we don't value our employees, there is no reason to expect them to, nor will the results we see with increased employee motivation.

Systemically successful organizations are built upon a foundation of trust. This trust is built through both employee and manager expectations. Employee expectations must be set out clearly and openly and managers must understand these expectations as they arise, otherwise, they will result in the behaviors that are designed to sabotage the organization.

The Role of Manager 

If the manager truly understands what his or her role is in relation to this dynamic, he or she will have the ability to bring the team together and lead them with integrity.

It is critical that all managers remember that there is a balance between motivation and control in their team and the department. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that the desired effects of motivation are achieved. If a manager expects too much from his or her team, the team will not be successful, no matter how deeply motivated they are.

When we are satisfied with our team, we must remember that the manager can only give us what we want. Because motivation in management does not require much time or effort, it can be a programmatic activity. A manager who demands excellence from their team will receive less satisfaction from the effort, and therefore, will eventually not feel the need to deliver it.

The most important thing that a manager can do for his or her team is to keep them focused on the goals of the organization. Once the team's expectations are understood, they will then be able to focus on how to achieve those goals. Each employee should be a self-directed, self-fulfilling prophecy. 

This means that the needs of each team member must be identified, their abilities measured, and the necessary skills and resources developed to develop them.

The manager should reward the accomplishment of each member, but should also take into account the attitudes and talents of each person when determining a fair rate for the individual. This concept will help keep people on the team motivated in the long run. It also means that the team as a whole will be able to focus on the appropriate objectives of the organization.

If the purpose of motivation in management is to motivate a team to reach its goals, then what is the purpose of motivation in leadership? The purpose of motivation in leadership is to enable the team to grow and learn. 

You cannot look at your team's ability to perform the tasks at hand in the present tense. The team will always have an opportunity to achieve their objectives if they have a solid understanding of their potential and a strong belief in their potential.


The team should not be afraid to ask for help from those that are knowledgeable in this area. The existence of individuals that understand the importance of motivation in management is one of the strongest influences in any group. When the manager is able to appreciate the quality of the contributions made by each team member, they will be able to better inspire their employees to be successful in their roles within the team.


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